Biotage Horizon Flash Chromotography

​The laboratory is exceedingly well equipped with five Biotages for automatic purification. Biotage Inc. developed the Horizon High Performance FLASH Chromatography (HPFC) system to simplify the purification tasks of medicinal and organic synthesis chemists. This modular, FLASH purification system is extremely compact, fitting in all fume hoods. The compressed air-driven pump delivers solvent at flow rates up to 100 mL/minute with 7.3 kg/cm2 (100 psig) pressure capability, making it viable for use with cartridges as large as 65-mm diameter. The fraction collector provides control over the entire system’s operation. Users can program elution of samples using isocratic, step-gradient, or linear-gradient elution methods of up to 10 segments. The firmware controls the operation of the pump (displaying flow rate) and detector.

Quantity: 5
Model: Horizon Flash Chromotography
Manufacturer: Biotage, Inc.