Zaid Muwaffak Hassan

Zaid completed an MPharm degree at Kingston University with first class honours. It was also the place where he completed a one-year long research into Solid Dispersions. This has included conducting investigations into the use of spray drying and freeze drying as means to improve the water solubility of various drugs. After completing his MPharm degree, Zaid undertook a position as a pharmacy manger with Boots for two years, before joining the Hilton group in 2014.

Current Research:

Currently, Zaid is researching the potential of 3D printed wound dressings using polycaprolactone incorporated with various antibacterial metals. Complex structures based on a digital blueprint can be created using a 3D printer. As this blueprint can be created using specific 3D scans, there are many potential patient-specific applications of 3D printing in medicine. Some of the benefits include customised dose, personalised wound dressing to a specific wound, and the ability to print with multiple drugs in one dressing.