Zi Jing Cao

Current Research:

Coming from a biomedical background and originally working with microorganisms, Zi is currently undertaking a PhD focused on chemical synthesis and its biomedical applications. His project “The improvement of polycaprolactone applications and development of portable wound healing devices” is centred on photopolymers and their biomedical potential. By developing photosensitive drug-bound PCL, it may be possible to control drug release rates both at near-surface sites as well as more internal targets. The complete covering of the wound with the polymer also provides an anti-septic environment in which infection rates will be decreased thus promoting a faster healing speed. Furthermore, by developing a portable device, based on “pen-and-ink” and “3D-printer extruder” ideologies, that use photopolymerising drug-bound caprolactone as ink can have great potential to revolutionise wound treatments especially on battlefield settings.